Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1) Four square always puts a smile on my face.

2) Glee? Glee, where are you?

3) I love a good road trip.

4) Has anyone else seen Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? I've been thinking a lot lately about food and trying to be better about what I choose to eat, reducing the amount of processed foods I ingest. It's hard.

5) I'm thinking about signing up for a CSA. I love the idea of getting a box of fresh veggies every week from a local farm.

6) I am loving these pages.

7) March will go down in history as the first March ever with no snow. Crazy.

8) I want this.

9) I watched Parenthood for the first time. I liked it.

10) I'm feeling under the weather. I hope to bounce back soon.

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