Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday (at the Oscars)

1) Best dressed is Sandra Bullock, Elizabeth Bank, and Jake Gyllenhall.

2) I realized there are MANY films I haven't seen, nor do I want to.

3) I do want to see Crazy Horse.

4) I'm so glad Up won for best animated film. Such a wonderful film, especially the first 10 minutes. So moving.

5) Hello Molly Ringwald! Long time no see. Brought back good memories. I loved Pretty in Pink.

6) I like uplifting films, like The Blind Side, Up in the Air and Up. I can do without the violent ones.

7) I thought Steve's and Alec's jokes were pretty corny. Damn Helen Mirren, instead of Dame. Really?

8) Awesome to see a woman earn Best Director for the lowest grossing movie, beating out the highest grossing movie.

9) Come on George, smile!

10) Surprised to Sandra win, but happy she did. It was a great performance.

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