Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ten on Tuesday (well Wednesday)

1) My niece and I had a fantastic time on our day out together for her birthday. We went on a real adventure at Magi Quest.

2) I got a wonderful, long email from a friend who I don't see often enough. I miss her. I"m waiting to hear when a new addition arrives in her family.

3) I had another delicious meal this weekend made by my sister; filet mignon, new potatoes, broccoli, crusty bread and red wine. Yum!

4) I took a long walk around a local lake, soaking in the sun, catching up with a friend who shared awesome news. Congrats Heidi!

5) My niece drew a portrait of herself and it was chosen to be part of an art show! I'm so proud of her.

6) Even though I don't look good in yellow, I plan to wear it a lot this spring and summer. Love it!

7) I'm thinking of signing up for this class.

8) I've been seeing Liberty of London for Target all over blogland. I went this weekend to check it out and my size was sold out of everything!

9) I'm trying to be patient with people who don't deserve my patience.

10) Is it spring break yet?

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