Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1) I have three small cacti in my office. One of them died. I killed a cactus. A cactus people.

2) I made this lemon and sage chicken. It was delicious.

3) I entered a challenge on the Crate Paper blog. I didn't win the challenge, but they posted all the entries on their blog. It was fun to see my work on a blog other than my own!

4) I've been thinking a lot about how much plastic I consume. It's everywhere. It's in everything. I've been trying to reduce how much I use, but it's really difficult. For awhile now, I haven't purchased bottled water, I take bags with me when I go shopping, I recycle what I can and I've cut way down on the number of plastic sandwich bags I use, by buying glass containers for my lunches. But there's still tons of it that come in packaged foods. I'm not sure how to avoid that and I haven't found a blog with any insight. So, the next two things I'm going to try are to buy biodegradable garbage bags and cloth produce bags.

5) Joshua Bell is an extraordinary violinist. If you ever have the chance to see and hear him play, go. It's so worth it.

6) I had the chance to eat outside four times in the last week. I love summer!

7) I finally finished Owen Meany. Good grief it took me forever. The last 200 pages were the best and I cried at the end. But about 200 pages could have been edited out in the middle. I'm looking forward to moving forward and tackling my reading pile.

8) I made this recipe recently too. It was very tasty. Will definitely be making this again. You should also take time to read Kristin's blog. Her posts are fun to read.

9) I had some disappointments this weekend. Trying to move past them.

10) And just because it's fun to share photos.

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