Friday, May 28, 2010

Flashback Fridays

Today's Flashback Friday is for my own amusement, well, some might say embarrassment. I will be going back to see what I wore to each of the proms and balls I attended in high school and college. I wanted to post this a few weeks ago, closer to when these dances occur, but this will have to do. Better late than never, right?

A few of the photos I needed to edit out the fella, but thankfully for most of the years, I took pictures with more than just the guy. Even though the relationships I was in when I went to these events didn't work out, I am thankful that I was able to go with someone I cared about. And I always had great friends to hang out with too. I had a lot of fun at each one. I really love dressing up and I love dancing even more, so of course I'd have fun!

First up is my junior prom. This isn't the best picture, but with the editing it's the best I can do. I wore a fairly simple black dress, but the back was the best part. The back had a see through, black mesh. I thought it was so sexy. For the proms in high school, I wore flashy, fake diamond jewelry and of course a corsage.

Next up, my senior prom. This year, I decided to take pictures with my parents. What a great idea! Of all the dresses you'll see on this post, I have two favorites, and this is one of them. I love the bright color and the way it fit and all that bling. I had my shoes dyed to match the dress. Classy. But boy did I feel like an adult. One thing you'll notice that's the same on most of the pictures is how I did my hair. I never knew what to do with it, so I curled it. This year was particularly curly. I also went tanning a few times (shocker!). Not that you can tell, unfortunately.

My third dance was in college, the President's Ball. I'm here with my roommate of four years. Love her! We're standing in front of a mural that she and others from our floor painted. This was the year of the short dress, look at all that leg! I don't particularly like this dress, but I like that it's different from the other years. I also like my hair in this one, swept back. Nice, classic. My jewelry is toned down considerably. Also nice.

Next up, another President's Ball. Again, not a great picture. I don't recall this dress all that well. I remember it was comfortable, which is always a plus, but otherwise it was quite unremarkable. It was the year of the black dress as the other women I went with all wore black as well. See the curly hair? Ugh.

And lastly, my other favorite dress. I loved this dress. It had an overlay with flowers and rhinestones over the top of the dress. It was flowy and feminine and just plan awesome. I felt great in it. Although I wore fake jewelry, they were simple, pretty earrings and a delicate bracelet. I'm here again with my friend three years later. I was with a different guy, but our friendship remained. Still to this day. The saying is true, men will come and go, but your friends will always be there.

Thanks for not laughing too much (I hope). Looking back at the photos from these events put a smile on my face. I enjoyed remembering how much fun I had. I'm glad I was able to have these memories. I dare you all to go back and see if you can find a photo of yourself at a high school or college dance. If you find one, send it to me. I'd love to see it.

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