Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ten on Tuesday (Mother's Day version)

Ten reasons I love my Mom. (Just for the record, there are more than 10 reasons!)

1) I love that even though she hates garage sales, she still allows me to have a garage sale in my parent's garage.

2) I love that she (and my Dad) have been my travel partners.

3) I love that she shared a love of reading with me and that we share books and talk about them.

4) I love that she loves naps too. (No guilt!)

5) I love that when I was in high school she always stayed up to wait for me to come home.

6) I love that she listens....and listens...and listens.

7) I love that she has always believed in me, even when I haven't believed in myself.

8) I love her cooking and have enjoyed learning new recipes from her recently.

9) I love that when I was a kid she played Sorry with me on days I stayed home sick.

10) I love that she reminds me to keep perspective.

I love you Mom!

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