Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1| Sadly, last week was fairly blah. There's not too much to report, but I'll do my best to keep this interesting. Nice way to start, huh?

2| I've been working out consistently for a little over a week. I know it's just a week, but I celebrate the little victories. I continue to really enjoy yoga. I need to get out and take more walks though.

3| I'm looking forward to all the new product coming out at CHA Chicago. A lot of great, new partnerships. I can't wait for the product to hit the stores.

4| The humidity and high temps have finally broken. Thank goodness. That combo strips me of much of my energy.

5| I ran into a fellow colleague the other day and she said she's almost finished with a scrap project. She has visited a city in MN starting with each letter of the alphabet and she's making a book out of it. How cool is that?! My sister was surprised I hadn't thought to do it.

6| Every summer my family gets together for a week. Every year I think up crafty projects for the kids to do. I've started to think of projects for this year and I'm having a ball.

7| I finished Josh Ritter's new book, Bright's Passage. I'm not surprised that it was a fantastic novel. He's a fantastic songwriter and he transferred this talent to writing a book. I'm in awe of this guy's talent. He's amazing. You can read the first chapter here.

8| I'm looking forward to eating this this weekend.

9| And let's face it, I'm really looking forward to having this.

10| Finding that cupcake recipe has reminded me that one of the things on my 33 list is to go on a cupcake tour. I have to get on that!

Here's to a productive week!


Christine Zani said...

I was not aware there were enough places in the area to make up a dedicated tour?!?! I'm pretty much in - you let me know when!

Sara said...

I definitely will!