Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week In The Life//Wednesday

I'm still at it! Day three of the Week In The Life. I may have jinxed myself, though, when I said I had some momentum. How quickly things can change. After a sleepless night, trying to track down a lost package, and trying to convince a ginormous health insurance company that I'm worthy of coverage, I wasn't much in the mood to document today. But there were some definite highlights and I'm choosing to focus more on those.

Here they are:

A tasty breakfast, while reading one of my favorite magazines.

My happy skirt.

I fell off the healthy lifestyle wagon. But it was oh so good.

I finally found my lost package. Hooray!

Dessert after dinner.

It's midweek and I'm still really enjoying this project. I'm surprised by this too, since I went into with a ho-hum attitude.
It's fun anticipating what I captured while I wait for the photos to download.
I'm really enjoying what others are seeing through their lenses.
I'm going to try and shoot broader looks of my surroundings tomorrow.


Rach H said...

Love your pictures and the comments! You are doing so well with WITL!!

JennV said...

Great pictures!