Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week In The Life//Tuesday

A few of my favorite shots from Tuesday.

Up bright and early to sign up for ScrapFest workshops.


A morning walk.


A day brightener.

Lunch. (This was delicious!)

A favorite activity.

Playing with photo booth.

Seeing my Monday schedule, I knew I had to peel myself away from the computer today. I took a wonderful morning walk that set the stage for a good day. Need to remember to do this more often.
I took more self portrait photos today.
Still fewer photos later in the day. I think it's because the lighting is so bad later in the day.
Today was much more fun than yesterday. I hope the momentum continues.

1 comment:

Michele H. said...

awesome red comfy couch! i've always wanted a red couch too:)

oh yea...and the salad looks delish!