Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The List

Ten on Tuesday will be back next week, but today I'm sharing the list of all lists. My 33 things I want to do during my 33rd year list. By the way, how in the heck am I 33? Good grief, life has certainly sped up.

This is my third year creating a list like this. I do this instead of New Year's goals. I find that I stick to these more. This year, fun was my focus. I've included a few from last year's list that I didn't complete, but I'm still determined to cross off, like #10. I included several unlikely ones, like #24. But oh, how fun that would be! I included several aimed at bettering myself, like #26. I will try and document each one as I complete it and share it with you here. Could make for a fun mini album!

1. Create a tour of cupcake shops in the area and then take the tour, of course.
2. Go to a taping of Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me.
3. Go to a movie alone.
4. Buy a new camera. (Get this one done already)
5. Have a drink on three new restaurant patios next summer.
6. Visit the James J. Hill house.
7. Document a week in my life.
8. Be brave. Get unstuck.
9. Go to a Twins game at the new Target Field.
10. Travel overseas. (Get this one done already too!)
11. Write something. Anything.
12. Organize a food shelf donation project.
13. Have a girl's weekend.
14. Change up the blog.
15. Watch a documentary
16. Visit three cities in MN I've never been to. At least have lunch.
17. Scan old photos.
18. Skype more with my brother and his family.
19. Watch a film made before 1980.
20. Give out more compliments.
21. Make another pillow.
22. Take a Summit Brewing tour.
23. Take deep, cleansing breaths.
24. Be a part of a flash mob.
25. Make a blurb book.
26. Be better at admitting I'm wrong.
27. Refrain from eating out for a month.
28. Go to a Josh Ritter concert.
29. Send more snail mail.
30. Learn Photoshop Elements. (Ongoing)
31. Send an email commenting on a newspaper article, a piece on TV, etc.
32. Make a crisp.
33. Be thankful for all of it.

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