Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I spent a long weekend with my brother and his family this past weekend. Here are the 10 things I'd like to remember about the trip.

1) Jamming to the Glee soundtrack and listening to John Stewart's Earth on audiobook made the drive there bearable.

2) I had a nice welcome when I arrived.

3) I get to cross off #2 on my 33 list. It may seem strange to go to a taping of a radio show, but it was really enjoyable. I was surprised by all the ad-libbing that won't make it on the air, but done only for the audience. Mo Rocca and Dick Van Dyke were very entertaining.

4) We went out after the taping to a cozy little restaurant. A delicious meal, great conversation and splurging on desserts made for a great way to end a fun evening.

5) My nephew and my Dad played Stress Free Chess for hours.

6) I went to my nephew's ice skating lesson and my niece's ballet class, (which the teacher didn't allow me to stay in the room for. Yes, I'm bitter)

7) We hung up Halloween decorations and carved pumpkins. 

8) I ran another 5k. This time I ran with music and I ran a bit faster than a few weeks ago. Wahoo!

9) On the way home, I stopped for a quick visit to see a good friend. We ordered pizza and ate ice cream and thin mints and played with her baby daughter. It was so good to see her and I'm thrilled she lives closer again. Hopefully, we can do that more often.

10) One downside to the trip was I missed my Dad receiving a lifetime achievement award from the MN CPA. A much deserved recognition for a wonderful man. I'm very proud of him.

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