Friday, March 11, 2011

Year In Review Album

For the last few years, I have created a page for each month hitting the highlights of how I spent my time. I used a 12 x 12 album, my own handwriting and each page was unique. I love having these books. I love having a quick snapshot of how I spent my days. I love seeing the entire year together. I love looking back through several different years and seeing how things have changed and stayed the same. Very cool.

This year I decided to do a hybrid approach and a more consistent style to make things simpler. I'm using an 8x8 American Crafts album and am enjoying the smaller size so far. I'm writing up my journaling in a Word document and printing it on cardstock. I love how much more information I can fit on a page. I'm able to include some of the smaller details I wasn't able to include when I used my own handwriting. I'm printing photos using the contact sheet in iPhoto. A really simple way to print smaller photos.


I'll share each month as I finish them. Hopefully, I won't get too behind.

If you're feeling crafty this weekend, check out the online crop at Two Peas. They'll be posting a bunch of challenges with prizes. Always a good time.

Have a great weekend!


Christine Zani said...

So my freaking crazy life had me off doing way too many other things - but I finally came back to check out your blog... couldn't remember the address... searched for your name in Google and saw that you won this!!

Way to go!! Beautiful pages! I have now setup my Google Reader blog feed so I don't lose track of people anymore in blog land over time, and I will definitely be sitting down to catch up with what you've been up to :)

Monika Wright said...

this is a wonderful idea that I really need to try out one year!

Valerie said...

I love albums like this - what a great family heirloom this is!!