Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1) I finally figured out how to change my blog banner. I can't wait to play more and see what else I can come up with. What do you think?

2) My african violet is blooming again. Pretty purple blossoms. Love.

3) I have been seeing Pinterest popping up on various blogs, so I finally took a look. I always copy and paste links of things I like or things that inspire me around the internet and then email it to myself, so I can reference it later. It becomes very cumbersome in my email inbox. This site allows you to create your own bulletin board and "pin" up images you like. Brilliant. You can also follow other peoples favorites. Marta has a number of great boards. Take a look for yourself.  It's on my to do list to get one started.

4) Monday is my least favorite day. In an attempt to get along with it better, I put on the Glee soundtrack and had a little dance party following my workout. A definite mood booster. It's a keeper.

5) This weekend, I was reminded how good humanity is. I underestimate people too often.

6) Ali Edwards released her new Scrapbook on the Road workshop. It's a great value. Only $14. It's full of wonderful ideas for creating a mini travel album. Since I'm not taking a trip anytime soon, I'm pondering creating a book that I can use to document my adventures around the city. More of a staycation mini.

7) I had a chocolate shake for lunch yesterday. So tasty.

8) I want this camera. I have the mini version, but love the idea of a bigger version.

9) Another snow storm is on its way. Seriously?!

10) I'm itching to get crafty. And messy. I think some painting is in my future.


Anonymous said...

Yeah for 10 on Tuesday! My favorite day:) I like the new banner - the flowers really pop.

Tracy said...

Pretty banner.
Such a neat post.
I was thinking of learning more about changing up my blog. But that takes time and getting educated, teehee.