Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1) I get to cross #7 off my 32 things to do during my 32nd year. I went to a drive-in theatre. It was a beautiful evening. Perfect for watching a movie outside. I love that these drive-ins still exist. We saw The Other Guys and Salt. The first was ridiculous and over the top, but funny. The second was unsatisfying and disappointing. One for two ain't bad.

2) This video is amazing. Be sure to read the description on how much it took to put it together. Very cool.

3) It's hot, hot, hot here! I'm running my air conditioner, which I don't like to do. I'd much rather have my windows wide open. But then I might melt.

4) It's election day today in Minnesota. If you live here, make sure you vote.

5) I finished The Book Thief. It was surprisingly wonderful. I'm now reading book two in the Steig Larsson series.

6) I feel a tad overwhelmed this week. I have a longer to do list than time available. I think sleep might take a back seat.

7) This looks like it would be such a neat experience. Perhaps I'll put it on my 33 things to do during my 33rd year.

8) I've been planning out the rest of August. Feels good to have things to look forward to.

9) You've got to check this out. It's adorable and so creative.

10) You can now find my work in the Studio Calico gallery too. These are the layouts I've created for the Sketchbook 2 class. The link is on the right hand side bar under My Scrap Pages.

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Jamie Sorenson said...

hi! i've just found your blog from the comment you left on mine. it've really enjoyed reading what you've shared!