Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten on Tuesday (the North Shore version)

This past weekend, I finally got to the North Shore. It's a magical place. I only wish I could be there more. Maybe I'll get there again this fall.

1) I wanted to go primarily to see Gooseberry Falls. It didn't disappoint. The Falls were beautiful. We talked about what they would look like in the spring, as they weren't very full Falls. There were also A LOT of people, which is another reason to return in the fall.

2) We had lunch at the Vanilla Bean and dessert at Bridgeman's. I haven't had a cone at Bridgeman's in years. Brought back many fun memories. I, of course, had mint bon bon.

3) We stopped in Two Harbors on our way back. There's a spot where you can get really close to Lake Superior and it's quiet and peaceful. You can soak in the beauty.

4) On the way in we saw this statute and I knew we needed to stop on the way back and get our picture with it. I have no idea who this is though.

5) We had dinner at Pizza Luce. We had the Baked Potato pizza. I was a bit unsure about it, but it was simply delicious.

6) It wouldn't be a trip to the North Shore without a trip to a gas station to pick up playing cards, so we could play 500 back in the hotel.

7) We had a lakeshore view in our hotel and there was a full moon that night. It was bathed in a yellowish light. There were also fireworks across the lake. They were pretty teeny tiny, but fun to see nonetheless.

8) The next day we toured the Gleensheen Mansion. This home was extraordinary. The attention to design detail was amazing.

9) The gardens and views of the lake at the Mansion were also outstanding. All this beauty and jaw dropping astonishment at her interior design choices and ooohing and aahing is seriously tainted by the tragic death in the house of the youngest daughter. It was always on my mind.

10) I took my Instax along and snapped a bunch of pictures. I thought I would share the creepiest one with you all. This first one is a picture of Gooseberry's upper falls. Nothing unusual right?

Take a look at it when you turn it upside down. Do you see it? You might need to click on the picture to make it bigger. See it now? The face bathed in a bright white light? Um, yeah. I hope this doesn't cause you to have nightmares.

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