Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1) Kelly Purkey's Sketchbook class started yesterday. Excited to get a lot of layouts done and see layouts from some of my favorite scrappers.

2) I'm going to try and jam a bunch of fun stuff into this last month of summer. I'm usually ready for fall; the hot chocolate, the sweaters, the cooler days. But not this time. I need more time for a proper summer.

3) I have all the garage sale stuff priced. Yay! Now, let's hope a woman about my size comes and buys all my clothes. Not likely, but I'll continue to hope.

4) I have a long list of crafty projects to complete in the next few weeks. Wait, I always have a long list of crafty projects.

5) I want to participate in a flash mob. Don't they look like fun?

6) I listened to Car Talk on my drive home on Sunday. Those two are hilarious. Made the trip fly by.

7) I went toKohl's with a coupon and with the intent of buying new running shoes. After trying on six pairs, I gave up. But I still had this excellent coupon, so I of course bought a new purse and some earrings. Makes total sense.

8) I'm thinking of creating a cupcake tasting tour. There have been half a dozen new cupcake places open in the area over the last year. I think it only makes sense that I taste test at all of them. Anyone with me?

9) I am excited about this and this coming up this weekend.

10) Tomorrow is a big day for my blog. It will be my 100th post! I can't believe it. Come back for a fun giveaway.

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