Monday, August 1, 2011

Week In The Life/Saturday & Sunday

Walking to the farmer's market. (It's hard to see, but there's a poem in the sidewalk.)

Big fan of radishes.

At Pizzeria Lola. Delicious. And they had a photobooth!

Walker Art Museum/Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

A cool refreshment.

A steamy, hazy day.

Steve Carrell is a genius.

Back to school shopping with my nieces. I picked up a notebook and Sharpie pens.

I'm so glad I decided to take on this project and that I stuck with it. There were definitely some harder days, but I'm thankful that I captured all of it through photos and journaling. There was a conversation on the Big Picture classes message board for Week In The Life that focused on how it can be difficult to really see your life. I resonated with this. To stop and notice how you spend your time can be eye opening and hard to swallow, especially if you're not spending your time in a way that makes you happy. I think while this can be difficult, it's also the point of the project. Yes, it's also fun to take pictures in interesting ways, but it's more to me than that. It's about being mindful. It's about living a life of purpose. Once you see it, you can make the choice to change it. There were a few things that I saw that I am not happy with. I am going to work really hard to try and integrate some changes. Thanks Ali for the idea and all the support and inspiration along the way.

Next up| Put it all together in an album. Still pondering how I'll do this. So many ideas sound good to me. A Smash book? A mini? An 8 1/2 x 11 album? I'm leaning toward a Smash book. I like the idea of something already put together and all I have to do is stick it on the page.

Thanks for going along on this journey with me.

Ten on Tuesday is back tomorrow. Happy August! Simply astonished it's already August.

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