Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1| My friend gave me these flowers from her garden. They make me happy.

2| I signed up for ScrapFest. I wasn't planning to as my experience last year wasn't that great, but American Crafts has a class with Amy Tan's new line. I can't resist that.

3| I'm in full planning mode for the week my family spends together. Thinking up fun and new things for us to do together. I love this week. It's so good for my soul.

4| I saw Crazy, Stupid, Love. Fabulous film. Steve Carrell is a genius. He can do funny. He can do touching. He can do real. Will be adding it to my collection when it comes out.

5| I'm mourning that it's already August. I have so many things I still want to do before the weather changes again. Will need to sit down and make some serious plans.

6| On that note, a couple very thoughtful friends invited me to a Twins game. This was on my list of to dos this summer. This will be such a treat to go with them.

7| I finished Matched by Ally Condie. It's a book my niece is reading for her English class this fall. It's a fantastic book. I don't remember books being this good when I was her age. This book has stuck with me. I find myself thinking about it often. If you're looking for a fast moving, thought-provoking read, pick this book up. I warn you though, it's a series and the next book isn't out yet, so you'll be left hanging until then.

8| I enjoyed reading this blog post about How to talk to little girls. What Joanna says really rings true with me. I was nodding in agreement as I read it. I have three nieces and have thought about this often. I smiled too because talking about books is huge in our family. 

9| I've noticed the last three points have been about books. I told you they're huge in my family. My Mom requested for her birthday to go on an independent bookstore tour around the Twin Cities. We are blessed to have several very successful places here. We had such a fun day. Will be sharing soon in a Spotlight on the City post. 

10| This has been a tough year for me. I really hope and pray that pieces of my life start to fall into place soon. I've been working really hard and need some of that work to start paying off.  

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