Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1| I went to my first Twins game at Target Field. A couple of friends had tickets their parents couldn't use and they invited me to go. Such a fun treat to see them and to attend the game. The seats were fabulous, although to be honest, there wasn't a lot of watching the game, but a lot of catching up and eating. A beautiful evening. One I will always remember.

2| On Saturday, I spent the day with other Habitat for Humanity volunteers painting a two story house, from top to bottom. While it felt good on the inside, not so much on the outside. I totally overdid it. I spent all of Sunday recovering. A lot of sleeping, Advil and yoga.

3| Today I took a big bag of #5 plastics to Whole Foods. I love that Whole Foods recycles these types of plastics. My parents and even a few of their friends have joined me. Very cool. I'm slowly reducing my impact and it feels good. Whole Foods also recycles Brita water filters and wine corks. To learn more about how you can recycle #5s, go here.

4| I'm excited for cooler, less humid air.

5| Check out this short video called Move. Makes me want to jump on plane and go. Somewhere. Anywhere. Check out the other two videos too.

6| I finished Kristin Hannah's new book, Night Road. A book about a mother's love. A book about forgiveness and hope. A book about life after a great loss. I was drawn in instantly and became absorbed in the character's lives. I would add it to your read it list.

7| I've enjoyed seeing Ali Edwards' Week in the Life album come together. I have a lot of organizing to do, including choosing which photos to use, but I hope to start working on mine in the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed.

8| My family is having a book club discussion of The Help. We hope to also go to the movie together. I love that my family loves books. Actual books. The ones you hold in your hands. The ones that you smell and touch and experience. Is anyone else scared that bookstores will be something of the past 10 years from now? Or even sooner?

9| I have a lot of zucchini, so I will be making this for dinner tonight.

10| I saw Date Night again. There are very few movies where I'm doubled over in laughter, but I am when watching this movie. I am so thankful for laughter, for levity, for being silly, for letting go. Saves me more times than I can count.


Tammy said...

You've got lots of fun stuff going on! I read the Help with my book club. I hope we go see it together too! I actually like that Kindle helps me reduce my impact. I still buy books at Target too, but I always check to see if I can get them on Kindle first. I'll always love to hold a book, but if I can save a tree or two, that makes me feel good! :)

Sara said...

Good point Tammy! Since I'm able to reduce my impact in a lot of other ways, I let myself continue buying books as it brings me so much joy! :) Thanks for stopping by!