Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1) Last night, I made this recipe. So easy and very tasty!
2) I bought this purse in yellow at Kohl's. I got an even better deal than listed online. I love the bright color and the fun shape!
3) We celebrated my niece's birthday this weekend and I learned a new card game. There's an adult name to the game, but this is a kid friendly blog, so we call it Be Mean to Your Neighbor. It's an entertaining game. Have you ever played?
4) I saw the world premiere of My Antonia this weekend. Excellent. Just excellent. I wrote my English thesis in college on Willa Cather's My Antonia, so it was neat to see it performed on stage. If you're in the Twin Cities metro area, go if you can!
5) I'm almost finished organizing my scrap space. I've purchased several pieces of furniture and I've been putting them together and hanging them on the wall. It's been fun to put everything in its place and I'll be sure to share once it's all done.
6) I finished Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah. I devoured this one over a couple of days. A book about a mother and her relationship with her daughters, how the past will always reveal itself, and the healing power of love.
7) I've been loving the warmer and sunnier weather! Are you there Spring?
8) I'm really looking forward to Marta's "Blog and Business Workshop" on her blog next week. She is generous enough to give the blogging world all she knows free of charge! I can't wait to learn from a woman blogger who I admire and respect.
9) I have been eating a ridiculous amount of sweet goodness as of late. This weekend, I had Red Velvet chocolate cake (my Mom and I split it and it was still way too much!), homemade French Silk pie and Girl Scout cookies. Wow, yum!

10) I'd be ok never again seeing an Olympic skier wiping out going 90 mph.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you're watching on the Olympics.

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Christine Zani said...

Dude - I would love to see pictures/ideas/inspirations you used in organizing your space - I've been working on this myself lately - trying to make my space not only a little more practical but also a little more pleasing to the eye. Post when you're finished! (work in progress pics are good too!)