Friday, February 5, 2010

Flashback Fridays

Bandit. My sweet, sweet puppy.

She joined our family in the summer of 1988. It's probably obvious, but we named her Bandit because of the black around her eyes. We had such fun together; playing with toys, taking baths, taking walks, and cuddling. She loved to cuddle.

She was so small. Looking back at these pictures, I can't believe how small she was. She went through an obedience training, but I don't know how much it helped. :) One thing I remember is she used to love to break free from us. We would let her out to do her business on the cold days and she would bolt. This always made me so nervous because we lived next to very busy street, but she always came back, thankfully!

She was such a cutie when she was wet. All her black spots showed up beneath her fur. After a bath, she would always shake vigorously and get all of us wet. She was also a barker. She barked at everyone and everything! She was very energetic and passionate.

Bandit was such a God send. She helped me, and I imagine my parents too, through a very difficult time. She became a very special part of our family. She was a loyal, loving puppy, and I miss her.

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Anne said...

What a cute face! Dogs are so wonderful. They always know how to make you feel better.