Friday, January 29, 2010

Flashback Fridays

(7th grade school picture)

To prepare for this post today, I decided to look through my old journals. I found a journal from 1991. It was fun to read through all the entries. I wish I could go back to my younger self and give her some peace of mind. There were many hilarious entries and some heartbreaking. There were some common themes throughout.

1) I felt overwhelmed by all I needed to do for school and worried about whether I would get good grades. I had very high expectations for myself.
2) I always watched McGyver. I thought it was so cool that he could get out of all those sticky situations without using violence.
3) I was concerned about the war in Iraq.
4) I loved my puppy, Bandit.
5) The thing I always wanted to do was visit my sister in the big city and stay overnight and shop until we dropped.
6) I hated Mondays back then too.
7) I worried about my recent perm and if people were going to make fun of me.
8) I was seeking more freedom and privacy.
9) I looked up to my sister's and brother's lives in the big city.
10) When I grew up, I wanted to be a writer, an interior decorator, a vet, a teacher and be involved in politics. 3 out of 6 isn't bad.

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What a cutie! Mom