Monday, January 11, 2010

Favorites from 2009

Here are a few of my favorite scrap pages from 2009. I noticed that the ones I liked the most were because of the story I chose to tell on the page. Being able to document all these great stories is why I love scrapbooking so much. Although the product is fun too! Thanks for looking.
I started scrapping more heritage photos in 2009. I hope to continue to do more of this in 2010. This photo is the only one I have of my Mom's parents in the same photo and with her in it too! I never knew my Grandpa, so I cherish these few photos I have of him.

The photo says it all, so I kept the design simple. I like the white on white and the pop of red.

I create a page a month that gives an overview of what happened. I particularly liked June 2009 because I tried to break away from my usual design. I painted on this one and added a bunch of different elements.

This is a layout I created for my Dad for Father's Day. I like the look of journaling from a typewriter. I like the simple design. I like creating layouts that tell a story about someone I love.

I've been trying to take more pictures of my surroundings, of the everyday. I like this one because it captures the drastic change in weather we can have here in a week's time.

I like this one because of the photo, which is why I enlarged it. Thanks Dad! I also like the mix of different patterns in the paper and the chipboard title.

I like this one because it documents things my Mom has told me throughout my life and which has provided me with much needed perspective many times over. I also like using photos from different times. I like the contrast it adds and the memories it evokes.

Again, thanks for looking!

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what I'm reading in the new year.

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Anonymous said...

Sara - This one is very good! You have such a wonderful range of method to express your theme from page to page. I also really like your greeting to Diana. You captured her! Love, Mom