Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1) I got a new cell phone this weekend. I needed a new battery, but they told me they didn't make those type of batteries anymore. My phone was less than 2 years old! They also don't make the cool green color phone anymore either. Bummer!
2) I'm inspired by this and this.
3) I recently made a 2009 Year in Review book through Shutterfly. I found that I didn't do much in the month of March. So, I've decided to make more plans this year. First idea--run a 5K.
4) I ate at Punch Pizza and Sawtadee this weekend. Yum!
5) I'm playing along with the challenges for the Two Peas CHA Winter Online Social. Fun looking products coming soon!
6) I'm fighting off a cold.
7) I love Honda. I have always gotten great service. (Knock on wood) This weekend they reattached a piece of rubber that had come undone and put on my new license plates and they didn't charge me for either. Awesome!
8) I want one of these.
9) I don't have cable, but I love The Food Network and the HGTV channel. I recently discovered I can watch these shows online. Welcome to the 21st century Sara.
10) This weekend can't come soon enough.

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