Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday Highlights

The last few years have been different from previous years in terms of how and where I celebrate Christmas. For someone that doesn't like change, I'm trying to adjust gracefully. I had a wonderful time with my parents at my place on Christmas Eve, at my sister's house on Christmas Day and at my brother's house for several days following Christmas. I thought it would be fun to share the highlights from the holiday.

1) Making Grandma's cinnamon rolls with my Mom. I remember making these as a child and I wanted to bring the tradition back. They were delicious and surprisingly easy to make!

2) Attending an actual midnight mass. We had a hard time finding parking after the snowstorm dumped 5 inches of snow, but once inside, it was beautiful and warm. We listened to the choir sing hymns prior to the mass. It was lovely.

3) Playing with Ds new cash register machine. I loved playing store as a kid and this cash register brings it to a whole new level. It comes with a credit card!

3) Having a flight on time the day after a snowstorm and a failed terrorist attack.

4) Sharing laughs, playing games, and opening gifts.

5) Going sledding. I was the picture taker. I didn't actually partake in the sledding, but my bro, nephew and niece had a blast!

6) Watching the cousins play together. They are four of the coolest people I know. Love them!

7) Seeing Up in the Air. Loved this movie and loved going with my family. Hard to go wrong with George Clooney.

8) Giving gifts. I love making homemade gifts and this year was no different. I made little notebooks, which I think turned out really cute. Great for making lists or drawing or coloring. I also made my parents a scrap page from our trip to D.C.

Thank you to my family for being such great hosts during our holiday celebrations! The food, drink and merriment was wonderful and won't soon be forgotten. Miss you all already!


Anonymous said...

Sara - Thank you for your wonderful hospitality over the Christmas holidays also. It is great fun to cook and bake together. We have to do more of it in the future. We appreciate your wonderful photos. Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara
What a nice witness to our great Christmas-time together. So proud of our entire family!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara,
This is a great summary of a very fun holiday celebration time. Loved spending it with you!
Way to keep the traditions alive! P.S. Get some boots:)

Anonymous said...

Nicely done, little sister. You captured great photos of your nieces and nephew; nice camera work. You even got A to smile!