Monday, January 25, 2010


I love games. I always have. I'm glad my parents thought it was important to play games together. I have very good memories of sitting around the dining room table laughing and strategizing and learning and winning!

This layout is about one of my recent favorites, Jenga. I like that you can play both with other people and on your own. I enjoy the challenge. Other recent favorites include Connect 4 and Yahtzee Free For All.

My all time favorites are Sorry, 500 and Pictionary.

I remember when I was little and I stayed home from school because I was sick, my Mom and I would play Sorry for hours. Thanks Mom!

I remember (finally) being old enough to learn 500. Being the youngest, I waited and waited to learn. I watched so many games and was so happy to finally be a part of the club. 500 has been in our family forever. I love to hear stories of my Grandma's strategies and what she used to say during a hand.

I remember playing Pictionary with friends and falling on the floor laughing from some of the drawings and being amazed when a team could guess the answer with very little drawn on the paper.

What are your favorite games, recent or all time?


Anonymous said...

Sara - I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that my favorite game of all time is 500. I can't remember when I learned to play as I learned at such a young age. Mom

Anonymous said...

My favorite game is also 500 followed closely by Bananagram:) Rachel