Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1| I've been living in these white linen pants and red flats. So, so happy summer is here!

2| I heard The Head and The Heart on the radio and immediately became a fan. Such cool music. You can hear more here. I checked their tour dates and they are actually here in the Cities this week, but it's sold out. Bummer.

3| Are you looking for journaling ideas? Ideas to tell your story in a new way? Check out these awesome prompts from Ali Edwards.

4| There is a reason I'm not a baker. The recipes are too specific and I usually mess it up. I made banana oatmeal cookies recently and I put in the wrong amount of flour and oatmeal, missing the 1 in front of the 1/2 on the handwritten recipe card. Oops. They actually were still edible, but very flat. Ha! I think I'll stick with cooking where I can add a dash here and there and it will only add to the dish.

5| I attended my niece's dance recital and she was awesome. I am so in awe of how she can go in front of an audience and perform. So cool. I'm bursting with pride.

6| This mini album from Elizabeth Kartchner is fantastic. I'm loving the Instax photos and the paint. When my family is all together for a week during the summer, I always bring little books for the kids to document the week. Will definitely be taking inspiration from this book.

7| I've been on an organizing binge. Shredding, donating, recycling. Love the feeling of simplifying my space, my head, my life.

8| Fresh lemon in ice water is making me happy.

9| It's HOT. 95 degrees yesterday. Same today. Hellooooo summer.

10| At the end of May, June was looking bleak. But after a couple emails and phone calls it's looking much better. Can't wait to see people, sit on patios and drink something cold and frothy and Josh Ritter returns.

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