Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I'm home from a few days watching my niece and nephew while my brother and sister-in-law had a long weekend getaway. There was lots of reading on the porch in the morning sun, my nephew teaching me Origami, playing with Pretty Ponies, walks around the block keeping track of how many and what kind of birds we saw, playing tag at the park, picnic lunches in the backyard and running from one activity to the next. Summer has arrived and I'm very glad. Unfortunately, there was also cleaning up some throw up and a car accident on the way to the airport. Thankfully, my nephew recovered quickly. I've been icing my neck and back and popping the Advil (for whiplash) and will probably have to visit a doctor for something stronger. No fun.

It's good to be home. My to do list has grown. Looking at it is making me hyperventilate a little bit. I'm taking a few deep, cleansing breaths and will tackle each item one by one.

I miss the little ones. Already looking forward to seeing them in a couple months.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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