Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1) I had a great time with D this weekend. More on that tomorrow.

2) I watched Emma on Masterpiece Theatre. What a delightfully romantic movie. I love the way they speak and dress. For a moment, I thought about the benefits of what seemed like a simpler time.

3) My get moving goal for the year is going well. I realized I needed to start small. So, I'm working out every other day for now. Hopefully, I'll advance to everyday.

4) Like I said, I like thinking about a simpler time. I'm feeling a tad bit overwhelmed by all the places I'm logged into; two email accounts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, numerous scrap galleries and on and on.
Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me?

5) I put Freedom aside. I'm reading The Piano Teacher now.

6) You can find a lot of inspiration on the Studio Calico blog hop. And they're giving stuff away. Fun, fun! Definitely something to check out.

7) Even though it's freezing outside, I've been craving ice cream!

8) Winter CHA is almost here. Tons of new scrappy products are on the way. Wahoo! Looking forward to the CHA Winter Runway that Two Peas is hosting. I love their product videos.

9) I've been wanting to play Clue. Remember this game? I used to play it all the time growing up. Hopefully, this weekend I will convince people to play with me.

10) I've been enjoying author interviews on BN Studio.

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