Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday is back!

1) I've seen several movies the last week. I saw Despicable Me, Going the Distance, The Prestige and The American. They were all ho hum, except for The American, which was just awful. Really awful.
Stay far, far away from this one.

2) I'm excited about my shows returning with new episodes. I got hooked on a new one. It's called V. There was a mini marathon this past weekend. It's about a bunch of human looking aliens who are trying to take over the world. It's quite ridiculous, but it hooked me.

3) I got a blender for Christmas. I've been whipping up a bunch of smoothies. I haven't found the perfect concoction yet, but I'll keep trying.

4) I am trudging through Franzen's Freedom. I'm enjoying it, but it's dense.

5) One of my Mom's friends gets a lot of magazines and once she's finished with them, she gives them to my Mom and then my Mom gives them to me and my sister. It's a great system. But I got Scrapbooks, Etc. for Christmas and I'm so excited to get my very own magazine in my mailbox.

6) Since it's unlikely that I'll get to go away to a warm place, I'm going to try and substitute this place and hope it does the trick.

7) I'm really freaked out by all the birds falling from the sky. Anyone else?

8) I'm going through some of my work clothes and making a pile to give to Dress for Success. I hope that they help someone.

9) I didn't list this as one of my goals for the year, but I'd like to volunteer more. I've been researching places and Dress for Success is on my list.

10) I've been praying for two friends who have children who are really sick. If you're the praying kind, please pray for them too. Many thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, 10 on Tues is back! I really like this day:) Love