Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2nd Annual Day of Fun

They day D and I spent together was super fun. For her birthday, I gave her an "invitation" to the 2nd Annual Day of Fun. She got to choose a place to have lunch, an activity and a book at Barnes.

I whipped up this layout to document the day. Everything I used came from the Napa Valley kit from Studio Calico, which is why I was able to complete it so quickly.

1) I love, love the red rosettes from Making Memories that are in the kit. So pretty.
2) There's also a great alphabet clear stamp set, which I used for the title in this layout.
3) I took a cotton swab and dipped it in white paint and randomly added dots to the page. I wanted to add some whimsy and feeling of winter.
4) I've been testing out Photoshop Elements and am really liking the ability to print different sized photos.
5) I wrote my journaling in Word and printed it on cardstock. I've been doing this for the Yesterday and Today class and I like how it looks. But I will always strongly believe that using one's own handwriting is important and should be used as much as possible.

Onto the journaling.



I want to remember when I called you the morning of our day together and you were so excited. Ready and raring to go. Love your enthusiasm.

I want to remember that you saved a new sweater and leggings to wear on our day together. 

I want to remember how you verified that you got to have all three choices; lunch, an activity and a book. Not just one of the three.

I want to remember being at Macaroni Grill and you explaining to me who all the characters are in Avatar on the butcher paper tablecloth. You had me guess how to spell their names; like Toph, Aang and Saka.

I want to remember that you ordered macaroni and cheese, just like last year.

I want to remember browsing the stacks at Barnes and Noble. We spent about an hour looking at books and kits and activity books. You decided to get an American Girl paper doll kit.

I want to remember seeing you race ahead of me at the ice skating rink. You were fast!

I want to remember how, after awhile, you would wait up for me and we would go around together.

I want to remember running from the car to our destination and back because it was so dang cold.

I want to remember spending this day with you.

I want to remember celebrating you turning eight.

January 2011

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