Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1) Snow! We had our first snowfall on Saturday. A good day to snuggle up.

2) I enjoyed seeing The Sound of Music as a play. I love the movie. Love it. "The hills are alive with the sound of music. La, la, la, la." Ok, I'll stop.

3) Have you tried vanilla Oreos? You should. Yum. Where have these been all my life?! Being the nerd I am, I looked up when they were introduced and it was around 2004, so I guess I haven't been missing out for too long.

4) I transferred all the birthdays and other events into my new 2011 planner. Utterly satisfying.

5) I turned my heat on for the first time yesterday. Time to hunker down and hibernate. I'm not really a winter person, but every year I try to be more wintery, and it never works. I'm really good at hibernating though.

6) I can't believe November is half over. That Thanksgiving is in about a week. And Christmas is shortly thereafter. Since I'm trying to find a new job and it's encompassing my every thought these days, I need to make a special effort to enjoy the holidays.

7) I've been working on an October album. During the month, I collected tickets, menus, and pamphlets that I'm including. I will share once it's finished. Hopefully, in time to start my December Daily.

8) My oldest niece is so sweet. She saw a pamphlet at church titled, "Grieving the loss of a job," and she picked it up for me. On the front it says, take one--and take heart; give one and give hope. She said she wanted to give me hope. Seriously, I held back tears. It was really touching.

9) I think this blog post is such a neat idea. Bloggers sharing what they're thankful for.

10) I love this little book.  

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