Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1) My scrappy mojo has returned. Wahoo! I entered this challenge. I will share soon.

2) I watched Date Night twice this weekend. I was laughing The.Entire.Time. So hilarious. Just what the doctor ordered. I definitely need to purchase this one.

3) I did something really exciting this weekend. Wait for it.... I dusted my bookcases. I know, I live an exciting life, but my books say thank you. I also put away my summer garb and have let loose my sweaters and corduroy pants. Hello Fall. And ok, Winter too.

4) I need to buy pumpkins and gourds and a pretty mum. I need more orange around this place.

5) I'm running in a 5k this weekend. My sister and I have been walking/running it for 5 years now (?) and my parents joined in last year. I love that it's becoming a tradition, an experience we can share.

6) I feel like I should buy leggings and skinny jeans, so I can be hip and cool. But I really don't want to. Dilemma, dilemma.

7) I have a long list of books I want to purchase/get from the library and an equally tall pile already on my nightstand. I really want to read Sara Gruen's and Jonathan Franzen's new ones. I'm currently reading Sue Miller's The Senator's Wife. It's a book I started awhile ago and am now returning to. I have a hard time not reading a book in its entirety once I've started.

8) I've gotten a renewed enthusiasm to eat well and eat less. For lunch, I've been enjoying cherry tomatoes wrapped in spinach and crackers and cheese. Is it lunch yet?

9) I turn a year older next week. This is the first year when I wish I could stop time. I don't want to be older.

10) I've almost completed my new list; 33 things to do in my 33rd year.  I'm really excited about this list. It's a lot of fun stuff. I'll share next week.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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