Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1) I finished Sarah's Key. What a heart wrenching story, but a really beautiful and touching story too and worth reading. Have the Kleenex nearby.

2) I was all hyped and ready to watch the Men's Final of the U.S. Open on Sunday, but it was raining in NYC and so it was eventually canceled and rescheduled for yesterday at 3 p.m. What?! I'm at work for goodness sakes. Then I had evening plans. But then there was another rain delay and I was able to see the very tail end of the match. While I'm happy for Nadal and he is an amazing player, I'm not ready to concede that Federer is the best player in the world. Because he is. I will arm wrestle anyone who disagrees.

3) I met a very sweet little bundle of a person yesterday. A very good friend had a baby girl recently. She is just precious. I always forget how little they can be. A simple pleasure is holding a sleeping baby.

4) My LSS finally has Echo Park in stock. Yay! I love their stuff. Now, I need to find time to play.

5) I've gone a bit crazy and bought tickets to a bunch of events coming up in the next year. One that I'm excited about is to a taping of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me on MPR. I know, I'm a nerd. I acknowledged and accepted this a long time ago.

6) KP is having a giveaway on her blog. It's an album and other fun goodies to document a month of your life. While I would love to win the giveaway, I think I'll do it regardless. I already do a page of each month, an overview of sorts. But I like the idea of recording a month in more detail, especially since it's my birthday. Maybe I should just celebrate the entire month.

7) I attempted to make spiced bran muffins this weekend. How can you screw that up, you may ask? How the heck do I know? I followed the recipe to a tee and they turned out tasteless, with a hint of molasses. But I'm still eating them. Why are you doing that, you may ask? How the heck do I know? It's impossible for me to waste food. Be thankful I'm not knocking on your door with a treat. (Wink. Wink.) 

8) I've signed up for two 5Ks now. In the same month. Two weeks apart. I really, really need to get my butt in gear. Especially since one of them had a separate 5K walk you could sign up for. So, really, you can't walk during the run. People may laugh, or at least stare and point and whisper "Why didn't she sign up for the walk?" Not my idea of fun.

9) I'm feeling a little snarky.

10) Looking forward to this premiere tonight. Maybe I'll be back to my less snarky self by then.

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