Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1| As I mentioned in a previous Ten on Tuesday, I'm going to start pen paling with my niece and nephew who live a bit further away. When I got a coupon from Shutterfly, I went looking for something to purchase. I found these cute notepads. I thought it would be fun to have new paper to write to them on, so I created one with a picture of the three of us and the other I chose because I really liked the banners. They are really great in person. I mailed off the first letters and can't wait to get something in return!

2| D and I had our 3rd annual Day of Fun outing this weekend. We had an awesome time! We went to Barnes, had lunch, went to Grand Slam, and Starbucks. Grand Slam has mini-golf, bumper cars, lasertag, and arcade games. The place was crawling with people. We rode the bumper cars a bunch of times. To be quite honest, I got pretty nauseous after the first couple of times, but it was really fun to see D laughing it up. We played a game of mini-golf with a little boy hot on our heels. We played one game of laser tag.  I was by far the oldest one in there. We didn't play again, because I felt pretty strange trying to take out a bunch of little kids! We ended the day at Starbucks, enjoying a tasty drink, fun conversation and a couple rounds of Hangman. I love these days to bits.

3| I picked up a few new books at Barnes. I want to see the movie, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, but I wanted to read the book first, so I got that one. I also got Let the Great World Spin. Has anyone read these? I can't wait to get started.

4| I had an excellent Sunday. I woke up and made a hot cup of tea and watched the Two Peas Winter CHA product videos. I scrapped a bunch. I read some magazines. I watched a couple episodes of West Wing. I cleaned up and got ready for the week. It was relaxing and lovely. I wish I had more days like this!

5| I'm itching to pick up some of the new labels from the Martha Stewart line at Staples. I've been seeing them everywhere and they look irresistible.

6| I'm headed to D.C. for work in a couple of weeks, and I'm eyeing a few new things. This and this and this.

7| I finished a custom baby announcement job for a friend. I am so pleased she asked me.

8| Starting a new job has totally helped with my sleeping. No problems sleeping through the night anymore!

9| I made up my mind to purchase an iPhone and then I saw this on CBS Sunday Morning. Really? I mean really?

10| I'm glad this week isn't as busy as the last few. I am looking forward to happy hour with friends and hopefully, some reading and scrapping time in the evenings.

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