Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1| The colors are still so vibrant and beautiful. Unfortunately, slushy snow is on the way. Big ugh. Hopefully, it's one of those times the forecasters get it wrong.

2| This weekend was super fun. Celebrating my sister's birthday. Lots of silliness and laughter. A fancy-schmancy dinner. Delicious pumpkin ice cream for dessert. A concert at the Minnesota Orchestra. My niece and I giving extra applause to the violas. A good day.

3| I have a couple of crafty projects on my to-do list this weekend. Thanksgiving place cards and the foundation of my December Daily. The ideas are brewing...

4| I enjoyed reading this post about gratitude on Superhero Journal's blog. I love her birthday ritual. I want to check out the book she recommends. I love the idea of putting gratitude into practice.

5| I've really been enjoying pears lately. A great snack. But I'm also mourning the loss of blueberry season. They are ridiculously expensive now. Will miss sprinkling them on my waffles.

6| I have a big stack of books to read, but none of them are inspiring me. Has anyone read anything good lately?

7| I have Two Peas and Elle's Studio gift certificates burning a hole in my pocket. I'm waiting for the Amy Tangerine washi tapes to come in at Two Peas and the new Elle's Studio project kit reveal next week.

8| I'm a late night snacker. I know doctors say you shouldn't eat anything past 7 p.m. or some such nonsense, but I can't sleep until I've had my bowl of cereal. At least it's Kashi, so that's somewhat healthy, right?

9| Kelly Purkey has a new class, Sketchpad. I love KPs classes. They're always full of fun and inspiration.

10| I'm off to vote. I'm so thankful to live in a country where I can vote without fear for my safety and free from restraint.

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Tammy said...

Great list! I love election day too. I've always taken my duty as citizen to vote seriously, but when I found out my Great Grandmother marched with Susan B. Anthony near Rochester NY to gain women the right to vote, I vowed never to take it for granted. Every vote is important!