Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1| I love barns. I love taking pictures of barns. But I'm never near a barn, so that proves difficult. I figure I love barns because of my family's long history of living on farms. My grandparents on both sides owned farmland and all generations before that. It's in my blood. I just love the idea of a photo montage of different barns. Maybe one day.

2| I saw the Ides of March. Man, that movie left me in a foul mood. I was bothered mostly because it was a pretty realistic portrayal of politics these days. Which truly makes me sad. I have always been a strong believer in the power of politics to do good in the world. I've seen it. But, unfortunately, not lately. I was hoping for a feel good ending and it just wasn't to be. Good acting though.

3| When I read Elise's post about her love of brussels sprouts, it looked so tasty that I picked some up and am now hooked. I've been preparing them like Elise and eating them with everything. Pasta. Grilled cheese sandwich. Salads. Hmmm....good.

4| My brother is participating in National Novel Writing Month (his second year!) and is encouraging me to participate too. I have no ideas, but because I'm crazy, I'm leaning toward trying it out.

5| Every year at this time, I'm always shocked by the shorter days. The early darkness is hard to adjust to. Not a fan. I'm astonished that October is over half way done. Mornings are getting brisk. Heavier sweaters are at the ready.

6| I finished Bossypants. A very enjoyable read. I liked the behind the scenes peek into how the Sarah Palin impersonation came about and Tina's thoughts about it.

7| I'm excited about December Daily. Ali Edwards has teamed up with Studio Calico to offer a kit this year, which I think is so cool. I hope that it's affordable. But either way, I'll be participating. I love this project.

8| I was surprised by the news that American Crafts has acquired Studio Calico and Crate Paper. I'm happy if it means easier access to those products.

9| I watched a few episodes of Prime Suspect this weekend. I'm a fan.

10| I was thrilled when Amy Tan mentioned my North Shore mini album on her blog. Totally made my day. Thanks to all of you that stopped by through her blog. I hope you'll come back often.


Sara said...

Great post! I can't wait to read Bossypants--it's on my list! And I agree--totally shocked that October is half over already--seriously?? ;)

Christine Zani said...

I have so many responses to this post. Where to begin?!?!

Ides of March - I didn't realize it was such a downer - I may pass until its on the small screen - thanks for the review!

Brussel Sprouts - have you seen that you can buy them by the stalk at the Farmer's Market? They are one of my secret favorite veggies too! When I studied abroad I actually first tried them with brown gravy - it was weird, but how they did it in the UK I guess... not bad!

NANOWRIMO - I totally think you should do it. Actually, my cousin's wife is an aspiring author as well - she just posted the other day about how to start with character sketches - maybe it would inspire you? http://theliterarymom.wordpress.com/

I have been wanting to pick up Bossypants for a while now - it has been added to my list.

Congrats for being called out by Amy Tan!! HOW COOL!!