Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1| We had a very nice Easter. I created a treasure hunt for my nieces, which they flew through. We played games, enjoyed a delicious meal and had banana creme pie for dessert. I was not too sure about the pie at first, but how can you wrong with graham cracker crust, vanilla pudding, whipped cream and bananas? I only wish we had had nicer weather, so we could have been outside playing 4 square or flying a kite.

2| We had a couple of beautiful days, sans today, and a friend, her two little ones and I had a picnic. The first of the year! So lovely to be on the green grass with the sun on our faces. Thankfully, her little boy didn't bring his millipede friend with him when we ate. Not a fan.

3| Dancing with the Stars. I desperately need to earn more points. I'm choosing Chris Jericho to go this week. (Crossing my fingers)

4| I made pedicure appointments for my Mom, sister, sister-in-law and myself on Mother's Day. I cannot wait. I need some pampering and girl time.

5| I did some spring cleaning. I tackled my magazine pile and I was brutal. I took out the pages I thought I might refer back to and recycled the rest. I did the same with my scrap supplies. Felt good.

6| I don't have cable, so whenever I'm at someone's house that does, I love when I can watch an episode or two on HGTV. I love all of those shows. It's a good thing I don't have cable. I would be watching it all the time.

7| The farmer's market returns this weekend. Hooray! I'm looking forward to walking there every weekend and smelling all the fresh veggies and seeing the color and being around others in my community. People are always happy at the farmer's market.

8| I need to get some daffodils. Several bunches. That I can stick in my Ball canning jars. Love how they brighten a room.

9| I'm thinking about joining the Twitter wagon. But I'm worried about having one more thing to update and check. Hmmm.....

10| I'll be with my family over the next few weeks having fun together, so my blogging will be interrupted a bit. I'll post when I can.

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Just Jaime said...

Don't worry about updating and checking Twitter, at least I don't. I actually have "protected" tweets that only those invited can see. That way I can post what I want my status update to be on FB but don't want the whole world to know ;)

Sounds like Easter was fun! What a great idea for Mother's day.