Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just For Fun

When I was trying to fall asleep the other night, inspiration struck. I keep a notebook on my nightstand, so I can write down ideas, thoughts, etc. If I can unload the stuff on my mind onto a piece of paper, I sleep more soundly. I drew the sketch in the notebook and the next day, I just had to choose the papers and a few embellishments and voila!, a fun page done.

JOURNALING| Megan and I tried to get a jumping picture, but we couldn't get the timing right with Dad who was taking the photo. I love that Megan is always willing to entertain my ideas for crazy photo shoots. It's always fun trying! Easter 2011.


Just Jaime said...

That's so cool you sketched this out and it came out so nicely. The photos are funny!

Christine Zani said...

I really like the size of those prints! Super cute.. Also great job with the splotches on the journaling! So when you work with sketches, do you find that you copy then exactly or not?

Sara said...

Hi Christine! When I do use sketches, I usually use them as a way to get started. I don't think I've ever used one exactly. I find that I change it up at least a little bit to fit what I want to do.