Friday, February 25, 2011

Celebrating Turning 12

My oldest niece turned 12 recently (which I simply can't believe) and beginning last year, I started giving my nieces and nephew a "Day of Fun" for their birthday. They get to choose a place to have lunch, an activity and a book. I started this tradition because I wanted to have an experience with them that hopefully they'll remember for a long time versus just buying more stuff. M and I spent our day together recently and we had a very fun time. The layout is made with product from the Napa Valley kit from Studio Calico. 

A few close-ups. 

I want to remember you were home alone when I picked you up. A first for me. You're growing up so fast. 
I want to remember trying to track down a book at Barnes and they didn't have anything you wanted. But you settled on a Manga book. 
I want to remember sitting in Arby's and talking about learning Japanese. You're teaching yourself.
I want to remember that we laughed a lot; usually misunderstandings. 
I want to remember you said thank you for your book and for going to Starbucks.
I want to remember your iPod Touch wasn't far away. Always clicking away. 
I want to remember you cheered when I didn't get a hole in one. (You're very competitive.)
I want to remember it was a bright, sunny day.
I want to remember celebrating you turning 12!
February 22, 2011

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