Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1) Missing these two. Good thing I get to see them in a few weeks.

2) I saw Josh Ritter perform for the first time with the Minnesota Orchestra. What an amazing, talented musician. He smiled throughout the entire performance and it was infectious. I am smitten. Too bad he isn't anywhere near the Midwest for the rest of his tour. Boo.

3) I've been enjoying my fresh farm veggies lately. The other night, I made a homemade pizza with fresh basil and green pepper. Yum.

4) I'm excited about this. I haven't been feeling very inspired lately, so hoping this helps me get back on track.

5) I've started reading The Book Thief.

6) I can't believe there's only five weeks of summer left. My sister is talking about going school supply shopping. I love school supply shopping, but I'm not ready!

7) I've been feeling blue lately. Things haven't worked out like I expected them too. I'm trying to keep perspective, but it's hard. Hopefully, I'll get out of this rut soon.

8) I'm having a garage sale in a few weeks and I have a ton of stuff to price. Ugh.

9) Is it weird that I get overly excited when my building's elevator opens right when I push the button, or when all the lights on my way home are green, or when I get a close up parking space? Do others find happiness in these small occurrences?

10) I've been having a lot of fun with my Instax. Love this camera! Here are a few of my favorite shots so far.

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