Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday (Chicago Style)

I spent a long weekend in Chicago with my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew and my parents. I had such a wonderful time and it always goes by too quickly. Here's the run down.

1) The whole time it was really hot and humid. Back home was actually cooler!

2) My sister-in-law made homemade popsicles. I tried the lemon and strawberry one. Delicious and so refreshing. A perfect treat for those hot and humid days.

3) My nephew and my Dad played a game outside where he'd throw a stuffed animal, Tess, in the air and my Dad would catch it and vice versa. One throw landed Tess in a tall maple tree, hanging by its armpit. My nephew got a baseball, took aim and hit Tess straight on and it tumbled to the ground, while making impressive multiple backflips along the way. Many a high five happened after that throw!

4) My brother and I played tennis on a clay court. My first time on a surface other than a hard court. The play was slower on this surface or maybe that was because of the scorching sun. I won of course.

5) We had dinner in the city one night. I love when we go into the city. The appetizers, wine and dessert were the best. The main dish was so-so. I should have been more adventurous.

6) I survived the big ferris wheel on Navy Pier. Just barely.

7) There is a transportation strike in Illinois and I got a kick out of the signs we saw. One said, "Lane closures will begin after strike is over." Ok, thanks for the heads up.

8) The food, the food! My brother and sister-in-law outdo themselves every time we visit. One notable item were the Ebelskivers. It comes with its very own pan.

9) One of my favorite spots is sitting on their front porch, (which is where I am sitting right now writing this) watching the world go by and listening to the cicadas. We don't have cicadas in Minnesota. They are loud, but also somewhat soothing.

10) We played mini-golf at Navy Pier. We had nine and a half hole in ones! A half you ask? My Mom's first shot hit my Dad's first shot and his ball went into the hole.

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