Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1| I've been stalking this bedspread for a month or so, waiting for a queen size to be restocked. Finally, one appeared the other day and I snatched it up. I love it!

2| I can't believe we're into June already. June always sneaks up on me. I have a lot of fun things planned, including a Twins game and a Lynx game. I'm not even a huge sports fan. Go figure.

3| I've been writing letters and emails and texts and sending "just because" cards. I've been trying to be more intentional in staying in touch with family and friends. It's been fun having all of these conversations going on with different people and using different media.

4| Elle's Studio has a new website, which includes a member gallery. They had a bunch of challenges to celebrate the launch. I participated and made six layouts in one night, which I'm pretty sure is a record. You can check out my gallery here and I've added a link on the sidebar too. I also won a $20 gift card, which I eagerly and quickly spent. Thanks Elle's Studio!

5| I've been eating Farmer's Market lettuce, snap peas, and radishes by the handful. It's only Tuesday and it's almost all gone.

6| I crossed a bunch of stuff off my to-do list yesterday. "Uck stuff" that has been on there for a long time, like applying for dental insurance and figuring out my retirement, etc. It feels so good to have it done though. Lesson learned to not let that stuff fester. Just get yer' done.

7| My dining room table is the last hold out of furniture from my college days. I think it's about time to replace it, no?....it's only been over 10 years. Eee gads. I saw one at Target that I liked, but can't find it online to link up.

8| My niece has started watching The West Wing with her parents. I am a huge fan of The West Wing, so was thrilled when my sister asked for the first season. This past weekend, I was able to watch an episode with her. Totally fun.

9| I want to see Snow White and the Huntsman. Maybe this weekend. I hate to go into a movie when it's so beautiful outside. And I don't want to wish for rain. Dilemmas. Dilemmas. Have you seen it?

10| I'm on the hunt for a clutch. I haul around a giant bag for work, so I'd love to have a much smaller purse for all other outings. I'm eyeing this one. Cheap. Simple. Perfect.

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