Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Say Cheese (Again)

This was one of the six layouts I scrapped in record time for the challenges at Elle's Studio, as part of their new website launch. I'm not sure what happened, but everything was aligned, and I went with it.

The challenge was to layer. I don't think layering is one of my strongest scrapping skills, but it is something I really love to do. People like Marcy Penner and Allison Waken make layering look so effortless. I try to channel them when I'm tackling the layer.

I realized I don't have any Es left in any of my Thickers! Now, that's a predicament. I guess I'll be choosing titles based on the vowel needed. This time though, I really wanted to use "Say Cheese," so I used stamps. Oh, right, stamps. I always forget about those. I like how it turned out, so maybe I'll stick with this option in the future.

I was with my entire family only a few months ago, but I'm missing them terribly already. We won't be all together again until August and that seems like an eternity. And I don't want to wish for it to come faster because the summer will be almost over then and I don't want the summer to be over either. Yes, this is how my brain works. But this picture tides me over. I smile when I look at it. I never know what face I'll get from these four. It's always a surprise. For the most part, they give me smiles and I'm thankful for that.

I'm looking forward to taking a walk with a friend today. The weather has been just beautiful. What are you looking forward to today?

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Tammy said...

Sweet layout! I've been feeling the organizing bug much more than the creative bug lately, so yes, when you are feeling it you must go with it! I love the layered frame and the misting in the background. It turned out great! :)

Christina Collins said...

The layering is perfecto! Gorgeous work as usual.