Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1| I watched three movies lately. First, The A-Team=two thumbs up. Hilarious action film. Second, Rear Window=one thumb up. Entertaining idea, but slow moving. Third, How Do You Know=two thumbs down. Painfully slow. Awful dialogue.

2| Dancing with the Stars: Bye-bye Ralph.

3| I'm crossing off a part of my 33 list. I'm planning a day trip to a city in MN that I haven't been to before. Excited to get away if only for a day and explore a new place. I better get moving on my list too. A lot of fun to be had before I turn 34.

4| I'm very happy with my pedicure. Pretty red toes. I love this Mother's Day tradition.

5| I'm undertaking a huge scanning project. I've started to scan all pre-digital photos starting with photos before I was born. I wish places like ScanDigital were more affordable because that would be so much easier! But really looking forward to getting it done.

6| I won a challenge each from Two Peas and Studio Calico as part of their National Scrapbook Day festivities. Super excited to get scrappy goodness delivered to my door. Thanks so much to them and their sponsors!

7| The Good Wife season finale is tonight. I'm getting a bit tired of the storyline, but we'll see how it ends.

8| I'm missing having meals surrounded by my family.

9| I'm enjoying reading these interviews: Women Living Their Dream Jobs.

10| Also really enjoying Ali Edwards' Project Life. Very impressed and inspired with all the cool stuff she captures every week. Photos, ephemera, bits of life, words. Really awesome.


Just Jaime said...

4. I love pedicures! I love to look at perfectly polished toes =)

5. Oh scanning projects, so tedious!

6. Congrats!

Christine Zani said...

Well, I was able to find the Studio Calico challenge, but not the 2Peas one... either way, congrats! And beautiful work :)