Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1| A stack of newly printed photos makes me happy.

2| My go to snack as of late has been Wasa crispbread, peanut butter, and either blueberries or banana on top. Yum.

3| Attending my niece's orchestra concert and discussing the pieces afterwards makes me happy.

4| Dancing with the Stars winner: This is tough, but I think Kirstie Alley.

5| Punch pizza, one of their salads and a glass of Pinot makes me happy.

6| I'm bummed that the last two weekend mornings have been too rainy for walking to the farmer's market. This weekend, I hope.

7| Taking an early evening walk in between down pours makes me happy.

8| I haven't felt too crafty lately. I know the spark will return, but I dislike these slumps.

9| Reading on a rainy Saturday afternoon and falling asleep among the sentences makes me happy.

10| We've had a lot of unstable weather the last few days. Tornadoes touched down in the Minneapolis area and left behind a lot of destruction. Two people lost their lives. The death toll and destruction in Missouri is heart wrenching. I struggle with the randomness of it all. I texted a donation to the Red Cross. So simple. I hope it makes a difference. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected, especially those who lost loved ones.

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Just Jaime said...

I love a stack of newly printed photos too!