Thursday, December 9, 2010

December Daily: Day 7 & 8

Day 7: My parents have most of the photos from my childhood, but I found these few from Christmas past in my stash. I thought they would be great in my December Daily. Elise had a great tip on her blog to use contact sheet in iPhoto to print smaller photos. What an excellent tip! I've been printing these mini pictures like crazy for all types of projects. Love. I added a bit more embellishments to these pages, like the cluster of buttons. When I scrap 12x12, I tend to use a lot more embellishments, so I'm glad to fit more of that in this album. I'm thinking about adding an envelope where I can include some additional journaling. I have more to say about these photos and about Christmas as a child. Or I may just dedicate more pages to this theme.

Journaling: These are a few photos I found in my stash from when I was little. The top one is from 1978. The middle ones are from 1979. These are my favorite, especially the one where I'm handing my Mom an ornament. The bottom one is from 1980. I love looking at all the details. So cool. I'm grateful for these few glimpses from my childhood.

Day 8: Really simple page for day 8. A bit of washi tape, several number 8 stickers and a journaling card. While I'm enjoying this new size, there have been times when I wished I had more space to work with. I don't want to completely cover up all the cute paper. Sometimes it's hard to find that balance.

Journaling: I asked Emily to take some pictures of me on the House floor before my last day. (I realized I hardly had any photos from this experience). It's such a beautiful chamber. So much history here and I was a part of it for a time. I always took my responsibility seriously; doing my best, my part to make people's lives better.

Is anyone else trying out a new sized album? Any pros/cons to share? Or any tips to share in using this smaller size?


camilla said...

I love your sweet little birdie on day 8.

Anonymous said...

I love the i photo idea - these pix are a neat size!