Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best of 2010

I gave my parents a Shutterfly album for Christmas. It was a compilation of photos from 2010. I had so much fun making it because I could look back through all the photos I took and be reminded of so many good times this past year. Here's just a sampling of some of my favorites, either because I think it's a really nice photo or more so because the photo reminds me of a really awesome time. Here's to another year full of great pictures.
D and I on her "Day of Fun," for her birthday.

M and I on her "Day of Fun," for her birthday.

Making Grandma's cinnamon rolls.

A and Dad heading to lunch. 
S and I on his "Day of Fun," for his birthday.

Pedicures on Mother's Day.

Enjoying a long summer day. 

The best jumping picture ever.

D in an Iowa corn field.

Making my first pillow.

Sprinkler fun. 

First time playing on a clay court.

Pretty lily pads.

The best water fight ever.

The North Shore.

5k race. 

Jimmy Carter Habitat for Humanity Work Project

Being turkeys on Thanksgiving.

Retiring Room, House of Representatives.

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