Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1) I'm still sick. I wish this crud would move on out!

2) I'm happy everyone in my family is back where they are supposed to be.

3) I watched a lot of movies while I was sick. I didn't like any of them, including two Oscar nominees; Crazy Heart and An Education. Disappointing.

4) I was lucky enough to celebrate with my nephew on his birthday! We visited his classroom and I read the class two books. So fun! More on my trip later.

5) This art is really cool. Take a look at the photo essay as part of the story. You'll see a selection of his art. Amazing.

6) I cannot believe it's almost May!

7) I enjoyed Ali's Week in the Life. I think it's such a cool idea to celebrate the perfectly ordinary days that we live. I hope to do this on my own in a few weeks.

8) I have so much on my to do list. I wish I could hire a personal assistant just for one day.

9) Last week was full of being sick, being worried, being anxious, being locked out of my building (again). I'm thankful that most of my weeks aren't like that. I'm looking forward to looking forward.

10) I miss these guys!


Anne said...

I loooove Ali Edwards' blog! Her Week in the Life stuff was great. You should definitely do it! I hope to, too, as soon as finals are over and I'm not spending all of my time sitting at my desk in my pajamas, drinking coffee.

Hope you start feeling better soon! I'll be home in a few weeks, so we should hang out.

Stephan said...

They miss you too, Aunt Sara. Thanks for taking time to see your niece and nephew.