Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1) I walked 3 miles the other day. Felt good.

2) I had my first ice cream cone of the season, which is why I walked the 3 miles. Boy, it tasted good.

3) Glee is back, Glee is back. Today!

4) I ordered a bunch of photos. Can't wait to scrap them!

5) I bought a new suitcase and a travel book for the Southwest.

6) I'm going to try and participate in this next week.

7) Found this site while blog hopping, . Lots of sketches and inspiration!

8) I've been spring cleaning. Purging, shredding, organizing, and reorganizing. I do love organizing.

9) I'd like to see this movie.

10) Next week is Earth Day/Week. My goal is to walk to work everyday. Wish me luck!

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